HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS! How's your Christmas guys? I bet You had the same happiness like I had. The above snaps were captured on 25 December, when Christmas was celebrated by all over Christians in the world. Me and family had Sunday brunch in Orient 8 Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta after Sunday morning Church. The ambience of the restaurant really boosted our Christmas spirit to the bits. It looked like we had brunch in Paris. hahaha. Not only that, the buffet food service that they offered in Christmas Brunch are so many and delicious. well, I should say I had the most scrumptious Christmas brunch ever! They offered many foods like Asian as well as French food with the many types of tiny delicious cakes and  bite-size pastries such as Canapes, Tartlets and Petit Four. The waiter also served us with the the most friendly smile and they are all came from overseas, very professional and astonishing. I was beyond satisfied with all the events they offered for celebrating Christmas. In the middle of our brunch, We had photo session with Mr. Santa Claus and enlivened by a choir from children who wore Santa costumes. They were so cute and amazing. Me and family really had the wondrous Christmas this year.
Hope it will always stay happy like this. I wanna give thanks to Jesus who always be my Saviour all the times I had thru in 2011. He's so kind to me and family. 
Anw, New Year 2012 is just around the corner! I will be separated with my parents and brothers because they will have New Year Eve in Medan and I will be with my Parent-in laws family in Jakarta. Nevertheless, I am sure I will have the same fun to celebrate new year. The same fun that I had on Christmas. So, what's the plan for NYE? whatever it is, make sure you celebrate it with family. The feel is beyond HAPPY! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for all of us.
Kissess xxx


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