My Kind Of Kingdom

Never thought on my mind that I will have my own kingdom with everything is exactly the same with what I want this fast, I mean, at my age now. But that dream will hopefully come true if everything goes well in the next six months (God with me). Those pictures above are not my future house's prototypes but everything will look similarly like those things (grabbed those above on google). Practically, it is very hard for me and Husband to design our future house until we have fallen into some books and people's opinions then we mixed up with our own instinct. Husband and I have decided not to use interior designer and just let our feelings grow fonder on every details of our house. Arguing a lot also put some ideas on us, funny isn't it? So, Hubby and I have agreed that we will put different themes on every chamber of our house, starting from the color and furniture. The idea emerged because we are such people who easily get bored with flat atmospheres and we thought that idea to put different themes will may color our mood when we are at home. This thing has been discussed with some experts and some books have also influenced us. However, we currently stumble upon lighting and still curious on putting good lighting on every edges and sides of the chambers. Besides color, lighting is very important to liven the atmospheres become more nuanced comfortably. It is still our hard job to be figured out though. In addition to all of this situation for us is making us more appreciative of what we have and what we are able to do. See, how things have changed me so far! I am impressed of myself too. hahaha
My house is my kingdom, so I have to set the kingdom to be perfectly safe for me, Fingers Crossed.

Catch you later Folkies! Have remarkable weekdays ahead! Kisses xxx

A Love For Tory

This love has been started since couple years ago and will grow stronger. You might know what love I am talking about. Yes a big love for Tory Burch shoes. The emerging of new brand shoes doesn't tarnish my love for this brand as Tory always comes with the simple and elegant touch that can reach my casual and formal dressing. The shots above are my current collections of Tory. I love their reva with the classic up-down TT logo. Their Sally, flat and pump are my all time favorite models. Currently I am waiting for new love to come home. I am in love with their new collection of quilted leather which come with few styles but my choice straightly falls on the pump. Too cute to be true isn't it? Thanks for my reliable online shopping saksfifthavenue for giving more choices as well as updating new stocks faster than other online shopping I guess. ssssttt... you can also place a waiting list on their products and they will directly reach you as soon as you got chance to have it. It ever worked on me. I also admires their fast services! Thankies the saks! Cant wait for you to bring my new cupcake to my home. 2 weeks will definitely like ages for my impatience on it. hahaha

Anyway, Hi June! Been so long not dropping something on this blog. I have been busy with house  design and chores at work lately but I really enjoy all of them. Hope you also enjoy what you are doing.

Have a blissful weekend ! Kisses xxx

Midi hits my style !

I snapped the shots above on the past weekend. yes, I am so much into midi skirt style lately. I love the way of midi skirt style brings on me so this will exist on me quite longer I guess, hahaha,
Next, I will apply some of my tailor made midi skirts on next weekend. Sorry for a short prattle cos I have small time to catch on my blog. oh yes, I miss blogging. I see you in possible time with longer writing. I promise! 
Kisses xxx

Bandung over the weekend

We had a long weekend here in Indonesia because last Friday remarks as public holiday. Hubby and I haven't managed to set what to do during the long weekend. On friday we just went out to the Cinema for watching movie, before that Hubby had rehearsal on church because he will play guitar to accompany the hymns at Church on Sunday and I just hibernated on my bed and cleaned our room.

The day after, more precisely on Saturday, Hubby, I, my brother and his girlfriend went to Bandung in the early morning. It was a quick decision on midnite Friday, hahaha. Remember on the previous post I wanna arrange to cross outside Jakarta? It was almost a failed plan but holy yes, We finally made it, hahahaha.
We firstly assumed that the gastronomic trip to Bandung would be traffic as it was long weekend, but the fact is in the contrast that the grounds felt smooth and clear, similarly on our way back home to Jakarta. Bandung is a small city that has so many trees along the street. I love it because it has less pollution than Jakarta. I can say that our tummy felt over the moon because we ate more than six times that day, hahahaa. We tried a few new restaurants like Vanilla Cafe, Hartwood, Maja House and  then stopped over in Batagor Kingsley, my favorite all the time Batagor food place. I also didn't forget to take away two boxes of soft bones goldfish Majalaya, the best in town! Beside restaurant, we also have a visit to few clothing stores, the newest one is widely project. Basically the concept is quite the same from the clothing store in Jakarta, called the Goods dept. 
I also found a new boutique hotel called Stevie g. Hotel, closest to Maja House restaurant. The hotel concept is so perky because each room on that hotel has different theme. At the front look, the hotel looks like the countryside hotel in United States. Hubby and I are planning to stay there once we have a visit to Bandung again. 
Bandung trip was ah-mazing that day! I wish I could have more visit to other cities outside Jakarta because I am getting bored of Malls and buildings.

Anw, good thing: end of this month the Building Permit of our future house will be released. So early April will be laying out the first stone of our new house. I cannot wait any longer that house to be built. Hubby is also very energetic to design his future studio. Me? I want a biggie room with a decent style of my dream walking closet. Yeah, I just hope for everything goes well till the project is done. Let's hope and pray.

Have a nice and remarkable weekdays folks!

Kisses xxx

Hubby's 28th Birthday ! Woooop

Last week is my partner in life birthday, yes it's my Hubby's 28th birthday. It was more precisely falled on 22rd of March. This twenty two number thingy gave me the idea of what's going to give for him on his birthday. So, the decision has been decided two months ago, on the day right after my birthday.  What's that kind of thing? Yes, it is guitar but it is not the guitar that can be obtained in every guitar store in Jakarta. I admitted that I needed lots and lots of  efforts as well as courage to find this guitar and I knew Hubby wanted it so much since last year. He so much adores John Mayer, so I wanna give him something that John Mayer owns. It's acoustic guitar, called Taylor. To find this guitar, I needed to contact the only dealer who can only provide this type of guitar in Jakarta. The guitar is directly sent from USA. I am so thankful that this guitar landed safely on the store and I picked it up a week after. hahaha, I took leave at office, just to ensure that everything about his present is well-prepared. I love my Hubby and I want the best goes for him as he always does to me too. So, this guitar is now sitting beautifully on his guitar rack and it's also official that he has twenty two guitars on 22th of March, right on his 28th birthday. I wish him nothing but the best goes to his career and life. I wish him to be like a fine wine, getting better with age. I love you Hubby!

After getting and trying the present from me, Hubby wanted us to sing one of our favorite songs. yes, it's like first trial of his first Taylor guitar. The sound of his guitar is really good, I can distinguish it from other acoustic guitars, hahahha it's not the sound of 'because I bought it' but it is really a real quality guitar like its own slogan on the shot above. So, Hubby and I ended up the day on his birthday by covering one of our favorite songs from MYMP, called 'Especially for you'. We were so energetic that night hahaha, we set up our room to be a small comfy space in order to get a nice shot of recorded video. The result, well.. was not that bad :)
I attach the covering video of us below. Hope you enjoy it! Anw, ignore my voice please, I have no preparation because  it went so sudden :)

Kisses xxx

LATE UPDATE: Dots matters in Bali.

I know it's kinda late to update the above shots of my sublime getaway to Bali. Sorry for the late update because my recent chores don't allow me to spare time for blogging. I have a big project on work till next month so it needs me to be serious as well as to stay focused. However, I have learned a lot from all of the cases on my work and never get enough for what I have done. I just hope everything will turn out well till the end of this month. 
Anw, get back to the holiday vibes I had last month in Bali, it was amazing time and I am now truly missing out the kind of holiday like that. The above style shots were captured in different places in Bali. Yes, I was such a drama before Bali, I have set what to wear so all days in Bali will be Polka printed-me. hahahaha, Hubby couldn't give any feedback, the words he could only say were just "you are so Polka-minded" hahahaha. yeah Dots style becomes my favorite since I don't know. It  now become the style matters again over the season in every fashion week. Wearing Polka printed clothes is a way to dress timeless and effortless for me. So, I think I will love this kind of print forever (Hubby please don't get bored of seeing my wardrobe closet, hahahaha). 
Are you the same nuts like me on Polka-Dots? I guess who will not love it? Ahh I miss holiday. This weekend will be a long weekend and I am thinking to cross outside Jakarta for relaxing. I promise I won't use Polka print to this upcoming holiday, oh will I break the promise? hahahaha.

ahhhhh feel so relieved.. I can spare sometime on this blog. Hope you enjoy my random and late update prattle.
Kisses xxx

On Path

When I am slightly bored with famous social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, the emerging of Path brings something fun and rosy. I have been joining Path for three weeks and I am so much into it right now. Well, I can say that Path is a smart journal that  has combined the famous social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Foursquare into one place. All in one, All in Path. Something that brings fun creatures so we want to explore more and more. Hahaha Unfortunately, Path can only be accessed by Android phone and iPhone users. I know it's kinda hard to join for those who use Blackberry or other un-android phones, but on the other side, it's also kinda boring to use the phone that just provides limited applications. I am still so much into my new phone right now and rarely using my Blackberry. I admitted that iPhone is the best, well Apple is awesome! So...Let's join Path and let Path draw your daily path :)

Anyway, I am on Path under the name of Ana Pangaribuan. Feel free to add :)
Kisses xxx

Lovebirds in Bali

I still couldn't believe that Hubby and I finally made our getaway together to Bali after the long planning and collide schedules of our busy times as well as our customary events. It was more precisely last two weeks we went to Bali and it was four-awesome days for us because all of the stressful feelings have been straightly vanished away. Bali has changed a lot after my last visit around 8 years ago. Hahaha, yes quite long time I know. My situation is in contrast to Hubby because He visits Bali for business trip around five times a year. Even so,  I believe the last two weeks was his most astonishing getaway ever to Bali. hahahaha

We have arranged our plan to visit Bali early January. We made the schedules to which places we're gonna visit, especially the snazzy ones, so we were not going to miss one of them. However, it was very hard decision to be taken as my bible travel says, there are so many good places that need to be visited in Bali. We decided to pick 2 places a day because the occasion to go to Bali is Hubby and I wanna have a well-pleasing break after the busy times we had daily. So, those pictures above are a glimpse of our sublime getaway. The pictures were snapped in Karma Kandara Villa, W hotel resort, Alilla Uluwatu, Rock Bar Ayana and our villa in Seminyak. We also had a visit to Nuri's Restaurant (the best pork ribs in Bali) and pork roll restaurants. If you guys have question on your mind that which place is the best, my answer will straightly go to Alila Uluwatu. Hubby and I were captivated by its natural beauty and the heaven view. 

I guess Bali is being addictive that Hubby and I have a plan to visit it again around July or August (I hope it won't collide to sudden customary events) hahaha. well, it's still a plan though.
 I really wish Jakarta were Bali, so I would have everyday-is-holiday days besides surrounded by mall and buildings. oh I wish. I wanna have more heaven view please....

Kisses xxx

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