Bandung over the weekend

We had a long weekend here in Indonesia because last Friday remarks as public holiday. Hubby and I haven't managed to set what to do during the long weekend. On friday we just went out to the Cinema for watching movie, before that Hubby had rehearsal on church because he will play guitar to accompany the hymns at Church on Sunday and I just hibernated on my bed and cleaned our room.

The day after, more precisely on Saturday, Hubby, I, my brother and his girlfriend went to Bandung in the early morning. It was a quick decision on midnite Friday, hahaha. Remember on the previous post I wanna arrange to cross outside Jakarta? It was almost a failed plan but holy yes, We finally made it, hahahaha.
We firstly assumed that the gastronomic trip to Bandung would be traffic as it was long weekend, but the fact is in the contrast that the grounds felt smooth and clear, similarly on our way back home to Jakarta. Bandung is a small city that has so many trees along the street. I love it because it has less pollution than Jakarta. I can say that our tummy felt over the moon because we ate more than six times that day, hahahaa. We tried a few new restaurants like Vanilla Cafe, Hartwood, Maja House and  then stopped over in Batagor Kingsley, my favorite all the time Batagor food place. I also didn't forget to take away two boxes of soft bones goldfish Majalaya, the best in town! Beside restaurant, we also have a visit to few clothing stores, the newest one is widely project. Basically the concept is quite the same from the clothing store in Jakarta, called the Goods dept. 
I also found a new boutique hotel called Stevie g. Hotel, closest to Maja House restaurant. The hotel concept is so perky because each room on that hotel has different theme. At the front look, the hotel looks like the countryside hotel in United States. Hubby and I are planning to stay there once we have a visit to Bandung again. 
Bandung trip was ah-mazing that day! I wish I could have more visit to other cities outside Jakarta because I am getting bored of Malls and buildings.

Anw, good thing: end of this month the Building Permit of our future house will be released. So early April will be laying out the first stone of our new house. I cannot wait any longer that house to be built. Hubby is also very energetic to design his future studio. Me? I want a biggie room with a decent style of my dream walking closet. Yeah, I just hope for everything goes well till the project is done. Let's hope and pray.

Have a nice and remarkable weekdays folks!

Kisses xxx


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