Hubby's 28th Birthday ! Woooop

Last week is my partner in life birthday, yes it's my Hubby's 28th birthday. It was more precisely falled on 22rd of March. This twenty two number thingy gave me the idea of what's going to give for him on his birthday. So, the decision has been decided two months ago, on the day right after my birthday.  What's that kind of thing? Yes, it is guitar but it is not the guitar that can be obtained in every guitar store in Jakarta. I admitted that I needed lots and lots of  efforts as well as courage to find this guitar and I knew Hubby wanted it so much since last year. He so much adores John Mayer, so I wanna give him something that John Mayer owns. It's acoustic guitar, called Taylor. To find this guitar, I needed to contact the only dealer who can only provide this type of guitar in Jakarta. The guitar is directly sent from USA. I am so thankful that this guitar landed safely on the store and I picked it up a week after. hahaha, I took leave at office, just to ensure that everything about his present is well-prepared. I love my Hubby and I want the best goes for him as he always does to me too. So, this guitar is now sitting beautifully on his guitar rack and it's also official that he has twenty two guitars on 22th of March, right on his 28th birthday. I wish him nothing but the best goes to his career and life. I wish him to be like a fine wine, getting better with age. I love you Hubby!

After getting and trying the present from me, Hubby wanted us to sing one of our favorite songs. yes, it's like first trial of his first Taylor guitar. The sound of his guitar is really good, I can distinguish it from other acoustic guitars, hahahha it's not the sound of 'because I bought it' but it is really a real quality guitar like its own slogan on the shot above. So, Hubby and I ended up the day on his birthday by covering one of our favorite songs from MYMP, called 'Especially for you'. We were so energetic that night hahaha, we set up our room to be a small comfy space in order to get a nice shot of recorded video. The result, well.. was not that bad :)
I attach the covering video of us below. Hope you enjoy it! Anw, ignore my voice please, I have no preparation because  it went so sudden :)

Kisses xxx


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