LATE UPDATE: Dots matters in Bali.

I know it's kinda late to update the above shots of my sublime getaway to Bali. Sorry for the late update because my recent chores don't allow me to spare time for blogging. I have a big project on work till next month so it needs me to be serious as well as to stay focused. However, I have learned a lot from all of the cases on my work and never get enough for what I have done. I just hope everything will turn out well till the end of this month. 
Anw, get back to the holiday vibes I had last month in Bali, it was amazing time and I am now truly missing out the kind of holiday like that. The above style shots were captured in different places in Bali. Yes, I was such a drama before Bali, I have set what to wear so all days in Bali will be Polka printed-me. hahahaha, Hubby couldn't give any feedback, the words he could only say were just "you are so Polka-minded" hahahaha. yeah Dots style becomes my favorite since I don't know. It  now become the style matters again over the season in every fashion week. Wearing Polka printed clothes is a way to dress timeless and effortless for me. So, I think I will love this kind of print forever (Hubby please don't get bored of seeing my wardrobe closet, hahahaha). 
Are you the same nuts like me on Polka-Dots? I guess who will not love it? Ahh I miss holiday. This weekend will be a long weekend and I am thinking to cross outside Jakarta for relaxing. I promise I won't use Polka print to this upcoming holiday, oh will I break the promise? hahahaha.

ahhhhh feel so relieved.. I can spare sometime on this blog. Hope you enjoy my random and late update prattle.
Kisses xxx


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