On Path

When I am slightly bored with famous social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, the emerging of Path brings something fun and rosy. I have been joining Path for three weeks and I am so much into it right now. Well, I can say that Path is a smart journal that  has combined the famous social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Foursquare into one place. All in one, All in Path. Something that brings fun creatures so we want to explore more and more. Hahaha Unfortunately, Path can only be accessed by Android phone and iPhone users. I know it's kinda hard to join for those who use Blackberry or other un-android phones, but on the other side, it's also kinda boring to use the phone that just provides limited applications. I am still so much into my new phone right now and rarely using my Blackberry. I admitted that iPhone is the best, well Apple is awesome! So...Let's join Path and let Path draw your daily path :)

Anyway, I am on Path under the name of Ana Pangaribuan. Feel free to add :)
Kisses xxx


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