Lovebirds in Bali

I still couldn't believe that Hubby and I finally made our getaway together to Bali after the long planning and collide schedules of our busy times as well as our customary events. It was more precisely last two weeks we went to Bali and it was four-awesome days for us because all of the stressful feelings have been straightly vanished away. Bali has changed a lot after my last visit around 8 years ago. Hahaha, yes quite long time I know. My situation is in contrast to Hubby because He visits Bali for business trip around five times a year. Even so,  I believe the last two weeks was his most astonishing getaway ever to Bali. hahahaha

We have arranged our plan to visit Bali early January. We made the schedules to which places we're gonna visit, especially the snazzy ones, so we were not going to miss one of them. However, it was very hard decision to be taken as my bible travel says, there are so many good places that need to be visited in Bali. We decided to pick 2 places a day because the occasion to go to Bali is Hubby and I wanna have a well-pleasing break after the busy times we had daily. So, those pictures above are a glimpse of our sublime getaway. The pictures were snapped in Karma Kandara Villa, W hotel resort, Alilla Uluwatu, Rock Bar Ayana and our villa in Seminyak. We also had a visit to Nuri's Restaurant (the best pork ribs in Bali) and pork roll restaurants. If you guys have question on your mind that which place is the best, my answer will straightly go to Alila Uluwatu. Hubby and I were captivated by its natural beauty and the heaven view. 

I guess Bali is being addictive that Hubby and I have a plan to visit it again around July or August (I hope it won't collide to sudden customary events) hahaha. well, it's still a plan though.
 I really wish Jakarta were Bali, so I would have everyday-is-holiday days besides surrounded by mall and buildings. oh I wish. I wanna have more heaven view please....

Kisses xxx


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