My Kind Of Kingdom

Never thought on my mind that I will have my own kingdom with everything is exactly the same with what I want this fast, I mean, at my age now. But that dream will hopefully come true if everything goes well in the next six months (God with me). Those pictures above are not my future house's prototypes but everything will look similarly like those things (grabbed those above on google). Practically, it is very hard for me and Husband to design our future house until we have fallen into some books and people's opinions then we mixed up with our own instinct. Husband and I have decided not to use interior designer and just let our feelings grow fonder on every details of our house. Arguing a lot also put some ideas on us, funny isn't it? So, Hubby and I have agreed that we will put different themes on every chamber of our house, starting from the color and furniture. The idea emerged because we are such people who easily get bored with flat atmospheres and we thought that idea to put different themes will may color our mood when we are at home. This thing has been discussed with some experts and some books have also influenced us. However, we currently stumble upon lighting and still curious on putting good lighting on every edges and sides of the chambers. Besides color, lighting is very important to liven the atmospheres become more nuanced comfortably. It is still our hard job to be figured out though. In addition to all of this situation for us is making us more appreciative of what we have and what we are able to do. See, how things have changed me so far! I am impressed of myself too. hahaha
My house is my kingdom, so I have to set the kingdom to be perfectly safe for me, Fingers Crossed.

Catch you later Folkies! Have remarkable weekdays ahead! Kisses xxx


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