I'm back on Instagram !

YAY! I am officially back on Instagram after almost months I couldn't open it. Why? Because my previous phone was lost in a plane when I got back from Singapore to Jakarta. Yes, it was my bad and I was so careless that time. I regretted so much of being careless by not realizing that my phone was not with me till I arrived home and wanted to charge it. At home, I directly tried to call many times to the airport and aircraft security and complaints department, but I couldn't reach them. None of them picked up my call. I tried again tomorrow morning until I finally reached them, but they tried to help me and still...they didn't find my phone in the aircraft. I was definitely sure that phone was on my seat, in the aircraft. I guess one of the securities was acting knavishly to me by saying that there's no phone left in the aircraft. I was so sad that time. I was truly crying because I saved up my paycheck for months to buy it and after about 2 months, it's gone. Hubby was also upset with me because of my bungles. Then, he realized how sad I was that time hahaha, he is very kind, he calmed me down and tried to make me happy by buying me my favorite food for a week! He's my Hero!

So... Here I am, back on Instagram finally! I joined it last year  and I am officially back after Hubby gave me new iPhone on my birthday. I love Instagram because it allows us to be creative in editting pictures like professionals do hahaha. Shots above are recent photos I have uploaded on my Instagram account, named anapangaribuan. Follow me folks if you are one of Instagramers. I think I  have prattled too much about one of my favorite applications in apple phone. I will come later with list of favorite applications if you don't mind. hahaha
Kisses xxx.


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