assignment sickness

am goin to die die die!!!! my last assignment for restrictive trade practices law is so hard!!!!
its been 3 days ive read the cases, legislation and other journals/articles, but am still confused what to answer the assignment question. :( :( :(
i already talked to my unit supervisor many times..... i think hes getting bored to answer my question... i actually didnt get what he said.. he always defined something to general, not answering my question :(
but today i'll go asking him againnnnnn...... :)

i get mad easily, i lost weight for about 5 kilos, am anti-social person for a month!!!!
God please help me!!! i want get through this!!!
rrgggghhhhhhh, i feelllll so bad todayyyyy guysssss
hoepfully i'll do better tomo


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