welcoming my free time!

hellooo guys! am so excited today! today my last research paper has been submitted!!! am free as a bird!!! no more uni stufff...... its like am barely breathing! huaaaaa....its been a month, my life is just around the law library, surrounded by legislation, cases, journals, articles!!
actually i got alot from it! believe or not, i will miss my life in law library.... especially am always with dome, my bestfriend! we always sit in the 5th floor, in the right corner! so cozyy...haha...we prefer sit there cos we can bring food and drink as well..... becos in the 6th floor at postgraduate room, we cannot bring food/drink :p
now, i just wait for miracles to come.... i need to be graduated this year... am so scared waiting the results.... praying is only thing i can do now guys! :)
please pray for me guyyysssss :):)

so what next activities after uni stuff is done?
mmm.... am planning to travelling (again) around Australia....
-next month (November), am planning to go to Tasmania island! yeayyyyyyyy
ive been searching some good places to be visited :)..... i wanna ride the ferry boat and see a breathtaking view of cathedral rock!, goin to salamanca park, def Hobart hehe, bruny island, launceston, russells falls, and many moreeee........ hehehe
-december (my family) planning to go to syd, melb,GC(goldcoast),and def Brisbane(my lovely city) :p
-January am planning to go to New Zealand!!!
awwwwww cant hardly wait for all.....may all my dreams come true....amen!!!!

actually am planning to go to states next year as well...but its too fast for me to book ticket now :p, and i need to consider few things like job, fams, and time! if God gives me his bless, i wanna go around July!!! awwwww.....so many places yaaaa.......... am so BM deh (banyak mau) hahaha
enw, for youuu who are still struggling with uni stuff..... ciaooo!!!!! fighting!!! dont give up!!
for you who are waiting the results, keep praying! God will give his beautiful bless to us! amen!!

hereeee i posted some pics about tasmaniaaaaaaa...............cos am planning to go there very soon :)


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