things I want badly!

wow am feeling its been ages i didnt open and write something on this blog :)
actually am doing nothing since my course has finished...waiting is perfectly painful within this month! the bad thing is nobodys hanging around while am free..they r all busy wif papers and exams, even my brother!huhuhuhu
so what am doing is browsing, eating and spending a few times wif my bestfriend,domey! but i dont want to distract him alot cos he still got one more research paper which needs to be done within this month :)

okay! to be honest, I opened too many shopping websites and they're all killing me :p why? cos they give me an urge to buy them...huuhuhuhu
so what are they? they're are too cute to be told and seen :), can u guess them guys? yes yes they are woman's soulmates :p
most of my collection are flats but i dont mind having pumps or wedges, as long as they're cute and comfy.
Tory Burch! the shoes that i love and giving me an urge to buy them again and again..... i love the pumps and the reva flat shoes. i got few of them in black and gold.
but i want moree..... am lusting over pairs and pairs of this shoes :)
now ive seen the new model of reva shoes, which called reva espadrilles shoes...uhhh so tempting.. i want to have it in orange! they comes in many colors such as orange,pink,navy blue,beige white,silver,etc....but i prefer the orange one, cos it suits my skin better i guess :)

the other shoes that am lusting after is slingsback pump christian any color...
this is so yummmyyyyy.....(mouth watering) always been in my dreams! hahaha
am so happy if anyone willing to give those things...due to their expensive prices! :p

AWWW AWWW AWWWW i wanntttttt theemmmm pleasseeee......daddy? LOL


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