mmm it is def always interesting once i talk about dessert! truly dessert person :D
foodss been good if they end up wif dessert....
dessert for me is about sweet yum, fresshhh yumm and chocolate :)
thats why i do love chocolates so much! cupcakes, macaroon, icecream.. i think while we're having meal without dessert , sort of having coffee without sugar...yes its bitter! :D
I found so many good dessert places while i was travelling wif fams or friends....
well, i can mention them to u guys here! and u guys shud try itttttt!!! I highly recommend it to u guyss!!!
ok i list some here yeaaa....

1. Max Brenner..... the choc shop built by jewish bald man! i love the melted choc here.....i love choc dip, banana choc pizza, orange choc, belgian waffle.......which is all about choc... am choc addicted guyss...... first i tried max b (the way i call it), i licked out all my fingers and finished all the melted choc cleanly......hahaha sort of conservative or impolite manner maybe, but thats fine....u can enjoy ur self sometimes by doing something not really have to be in "rules" :)
i tried it in Melbourne for the first time....and when am goin to other places like sydney, goldcoast, it is a must for me to visit this shop! i heard they barely opened one now in Spore.

2. Laduree.... the perfect macaron places on planet! :)
its not just about the macaroon or other tempting dessert, its about the decoration as well. this place is a must place to visit! so classic wif french style!
first i tried in london, but that time i just bought the macaroon! not trying to have them in their own shop. then i went to Japan, they got it in excited that time....unfortunately i didnt take any photos there cos at that time i was not so crazy wif photos as today! hahahaha

3.Piere Herme.... as perfect as Laduree.....
this is heaven! :), i tried it when i was in Paris wif fams.

4. French twist....
i just tried this a week agoo while i was strolling around biggest mall in Brisbane, westfield chermside.... i like the Eclair so much wif the choc mousse inside!!! critically tempting and delicious!

5. San Churro
this place got yummyyy and crunchy churros wif melted choc.... i tried it in Melbourne.

6. Lindt
one of favorites dessert shops as well.... yum yum.......they got macaroon :)

so.....try themmmm now guys! am pretty sure ur ass will be glued in their shops cos u wont go anywhere! cos they're just too tooo toooo tooo good! :D


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