Best Friend Forever

I miss my BFF so much! when i went back home last summer, we got a week quality times wif my fams as well. we went to DUFAN (sort of movie world or disneyland)hehehe, and it was so muchhhh fun! I miss hanging out wif them, laughing all the way,like we just live in our world! :)
and we DO eat alot as well...
hahahaha and always be noisy everywhere we stay over :)
they always support me as well.... sherly aka congek, kibo aka onte, people i miss so much now besides my parents :)
I Love them..... one of my bestfriends will get married as well in feb...sisri!! thats the way i call her :)
hope everything will turn out well :) and she asked me to be her made of honor :)
wow! I cant believe time flies that fast! my bestfriend sherly, got her cum laude as well from Universitas Gadjah Mada! shes smart! my onte, kibo, got his own business and hopefully will turn out well each day! I always pray up for them :)
my other bestfriend who is also my sleepmate for years by years, is kaka merryy!!! best cousin! we shares alot.......we do arguing sometimes though :)

my boyfriend is also my bestfriend.... always gives nice encouragements, caring and love!
my brothers, aron and cindi(cinta dinan), always be my BFF too....we're so close and share everything! supporting about study till fashion :D
cant wait hanging out wif kak tata,Gwendy,nanies, and others soon as well.........
I Miss them! cant wait to c themm sooonnnnn! on 9th dec, I'll be home and kiss hug them....


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