HAHAAHa.... am amused to write this caption...Hat party Girls....sort of I just got hat party, in fact, i didnt :p
I was strolling around city this afternoon wif nisber (the way i call my closefriend, nisa) and we went to food market. actually I wanted to take some pics about food market which is held every wed in the city, but......... I missed it, bcos of some unplanned situations. :p
However, I didnt forget to buy macaroons at the food market....cos they're too good to be missed :)

Then me and nisber went to David Jones, one of department stores in city, and strolled around that shop. we had a lil stop in parfume and skin care shop then went to hat shop downstairs.

we did try some hats and took pics there...fun yeaa! cos the hats are so GORGEOUS! hahahaa( I always found myself funny when I said the word 'gorgeous wif Australian accent') :)
Those Hats we tried are truly expensive.... I prefer buying shoes or jeans than buying one of them :p
well...... I can say they're cute... I wish one day I cud have party wif the hat party ideas...hehe
I think Hat party is the easiest theme to make partyyy yea.... Its simple...no need to do much preparation :)
mmmm...... If I got invitation for a hat party, I wud have something wacky and gorgeous,mmm and def! It has to suit me alot....
But If I got much time to prepare for the hat, I wud buy it at the thrift shop maybe, rather than spending up to hundred dollar for a hat...hihihi or I can make my own creation :D

Here I post some hat party girls pics (me n Nisber) while we were trying those hats in David Jones..... :)


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