my current life

wow! am impressed because i made my first blog. actually am not a kind of this people who write everything in places :P
i have no idea with this stuff enw, as am newbie here...ckckck, but i will start writing my current activities this month...
am so stressed cos am surrounded by papers. each of my papers requires 8000 words...wat a life heh??? 1 is done but 2 are in process... am so sick of them...but i have to struggle cos this is my last semester! hopefully :)
my dad keeps calling me everyday, encourages me everyday to keep studying! i love you dad! its been 8 months i didnt see my parents and my lil bro, cindi!
i miss them...i do this for them!make them proud of me! i want them to be happy having me! :)
Good Luck for me! sorry guys, i just can write this simple.... cos got to study now :(
nite nite everyone :)


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