OH Gossshhhhh!

ohhhh Gosh...... am stuck with this patent law assignment! am taking this unit accidentally because i have to withdraw other unit, commercial leases that will be started in October. it means that i cudnt graduate in december if i took that unit :(
i cant wait any longer to stay here :)...my dad asks me to find a job.....well, its fair enough!
for myself, am also getting bored living here, in Australia, altho i realise that sumtimes when am already in Jakarta, i will miss australia so much :)

get back to the patent law assignment :(..... its holly crap! am stuck with the business method patent! i know i need to read more...but alot of cases i have to read....... hiksssss.... i wanna cryyy.....can i? "no, i cant" ......
maybe you think am crazy, but i dont wat to do except writing this rubbishhhhh in my blog :)
actually my work in patent law assignment is nearly done....because my lecturer asks me to put cases and compare the jurisdictions as well....they make me crazy.... cos, am so not in the mood to read all of them now....but I HAVE TO! huhuhuhuhu

due of this assignment will be next week..... on monday exactly... :(
FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS! i need to focus on this now.....thanks bloggieeee, thks for hearing my craziness :p

actually i want to upload some photos of me while am stressed here in law library..... but i dont how to do it :p, as am a newbie hereee.....hahahaha (good excuse) :P

ok may be i should open another shopping website to increase my mood, welll......... in fact it wont increase my study mood, but my shopping mood...hahahaha :)

ok everyone! need to go now...... i'll be here again maybe after all assignments are done! i will discuss and list some favourite places to be visited after uni stuff are done :)
cant waitttt for that dayyyyyyy

have a nice day bloggers! for you who have alot of assignments, i will say "keep focusing and Happy studying"

c yaaaaaa :)


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