'No Title'

Today was perfectly Lazy day! so I decided to make this post with 'No Title' :)
I got fever and didnt go to work. so most of my time I spent on bed.
I really enjoyed getting intimate with my bed today. I just can feel that how precious the sleeping is when you're working woman. however, I enjoy my daily activities as well.
In the evening, I picked my hush up at his office with my stylish chauffeur, aron :D and went to hospital to do lil check up. We had dinner then at Kopitiam Oey, a small cozy cafe, Owned by the famous cuisine expert, Bondan Winarno, located on Sabang st.
I love the Beef Panini and Dutch Risoles. the Vietnam milk coffee is also worth to try!
anw,nothing special to discuss today but I just wanna share it to youu :)
I uploaded some pics below which captured from my cell phone.
I feel so ready to go work tomorrow! time to hit the hay! Ta-ta. nite.

Vietnam Milk Coffee

Sleepy Hush is dying to wait his din :s

The best one! Beef Panini!


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