Weekend with my loveliest men.

I can tell this weekend was pretty much Fun cos I spent most of my times by doing lovely and cheerful activities. Thats the way I want my weekend to be filled :) Thanks God.

Today I spent my rest weekend with my loveliest men, hush, aron and cindi (my baby bros).
we went to cinema in Gandaria city and watched 'the Green Hornet'. the movie was fun too, cos I cudnt guess how the story ended :D *usually If I watch a movie, I often guess how the movie ends.
afterward, we went to Kemang and stopped at aksara kemang. I love Aksara! my favo bookstore after Kinokuniya, Borders and Times. Aksara is typically designed by british touch and I love most of their books.
Right after the Aksara, there is 707 boutique. the store sells funkis clogs that I got some from Australia and it pretty much got the same style as well like Gorman boutique (my favo one in Australia).
we ended our trip by having dinner at Dimsum festival.
The weekend was FUN! I guess I said Fun way too often, yes, cos apparently I so much enjoy my weekend and It has uplifted my mood to start working tomorrow :)

Hope you enjoy yours too! Ta-Ta


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