Super awesome rafting!

It's been ages for me not doing the activities relating to nature. I started to love nature lovers activities when I was in High School. I was engaged to Nature Lovers ST.Thomas 1. But it didnt work well as my mom didnt agree that I was in the member of that organization. apparently I remain did some of that organization's activities. LOL and of coz mom didnt know bout that.

Getting back to the topic, AM SO HAPPY this weekend. after office hours on friday, Hush (the way I called my husband) picked me up at my office. we already prepared all the things that we needed to bring. we're goin to CITARIK baby! yeaaah, for water RAFTING! that was my first time to do it, so I was over the moon when my hush and his friends decided to do this on this weekend.
the plans were decided by my hush'office mates, mba KUS dan Mas Seto. to minimize the outcome, we did the very budget home to sleep at nite, yes it goes to the name --> TENT CAMPING! :D
we did tent camping just for a nite and did rafting on saturday morning.
finally I experienced the rafting and my honest opinion, IT WAS SUPER FUN!
It took approx 2 hours for us to do the water white rafting, and max 5 person on the boat (include the guide).
we r also companied by first aid guide which got anotha boat and follow the same route like us.
there are few companies that will give you chance to do the rafting in citarik, such as, arus liar, caldera, blue marine. we went to arus liar as most of people did :D

I was scared at the very first time my feet got into the boat. but after the briefing it became less, though I was still much scared, and hold my oar so tight. our guide who companied us on the boat gave us a brief information of how to row the boat. I was trying to be relax at that time, but still cant cope it very well. But when I did it myself? I have no fear! seriously, all inside my mind was bout FUN FUN FUN! I saw monitor lizard that BIG by my naked eyes and other beautiful animals.
the first our boat hit the rock, I was scared and hold the rope on the boat tightly, but when we got thru all this situation many times, I became so BRAVE! hahaha, I rememberred when our boat hit the rock, me hush, mas ken and mba kus were standing and enjoying every shower of swift water that came from the hit! and my feeling at that time was AMAZING!
our boat also got sunk many times bcos of hitting the rocks and our guide always asked us to get closer to our aside companion and shake the boat in order to make the boat running back.FUN!
Sure, I will go rafting again!
come and try guys!


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