Officially A YAYYER on Fish eye Lomo camera

Did I tell you before that I will make a surprise from my improvement of using Fish-eye lomo camera?yes, I shud proud of myself that a roll film on my camera was perfect! Thirty eight shots on my camera were perfectly captured, compared to my previous experiences, that I might fail on six till eight results of the shots. they might be 'sumtime' blurry, unclear and dark. I just got the best way to use this camera and it really gratifies me. I just uploaded few of them as I think they are the cutest of all..ahahaha. I took all the shots nearby my office with my office mates like u can see above.

Anw, I just arrived home after having 4 days Easter break in Medan and my hush's village in Samosir Island. It was great to be back now and realize that I am still on leave tomorrow. So, it's gonna be 'snuggle under blanket' all day long :p

I also captured some shots of my trip to Medan and nearby, but mostly I took in Samosir Island. It was very breathtaking and will be back more bout this on the later post. 
I just miss blogging so I purposely take time to do this post right after I arrived home. hahaha, sound sort of crazy and blog freak? as my hubby said. hahaha but I knew he knows how I feel bout this as he is a guitar freak as well. He also can have his freak time more freaky than me. hahaha.
ok, go to shower now and once more, IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HERE! I miss my home and room. the clock now hits 1 something in the morning. anw, Have a nice sleep youu there :)


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