my nem nem nem nempels

Those above snaps are my favo snaps today. There are my nempels! why I say so? because I just can't live without those people above,yes there are everywhere when I need and so is the opposite. unfortunately one of my nempels is dating with her girlfriend today (my youngest brother) so those above snaps may be called not a fully captured of nempels. hahaha  I love my siblings so much and we're truly nempels everywhere and every time. When me and my brothers can laugh bout something,other people who surround us, may not be able to understand what we are laughing at, even my hush and our parents. We're truly connected since we're kids, esp we got some awkward words to listen and speak and words sign to some context of words. Only us! Only us know! hahaha. I hope we cud nempel till the end of our life.
Anw, These snaps were taken when we're waiting up for my mom's present to be wrapped. Tomorrow is my mom's bday. She is half-century tomorrow and I just hope she is always pretty and healthy as she always is and also being a such great person for us, her children. I hope she will love the present that We bought from our own salary :)
Oh I just can't wait for tommorow's bday dinner! The family gathering is always fun!
Kisses xxx


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