Dinner Date

 I was having so much fun last Saturday with my hush. I guess it has released my heaping stress at office and more precisely, I didn't have chance to enjoy my 'me time' on weekend the past two weeks. so yes, it's so relieved having a finally me time with my hush. First, I was totally being a sleeping beauty in the morning. I slept for more than 8 hours and woke up at 11 am (I guess the sun started to shine, lol) and after having my lunch, then I slept again till 3 pm. well, lazy bones was in the air last Saturday :p
Afterward, me and hush decided to go out and had dinner at Tin Pan Alley, the nice eatery with 70's American Design. I would recommend the Spicy shrimp aglio olio and the the mocktails-Here are the happy days that have boosted my mood. 
My brother Aron and his girlfriend also came after I asked them to join us. 
The funny thing was my hush and my brotha found out my style yesterday seeming like Velma in Scooby Doo family bcos I was wearing a 70's baggy pants. well, I was so confident with it, so I didn't take it bad and now feel wanna buy that kind of pants in plain black and beige. I was inspired by the Celine pants that becoming hip in their collection spring/summer 2011. They're really cute and absolutely chic. Can't wait to wear the plain black and beige right after I buy it next week, yes of course after my pay day. lol
Anw, after having quality dinner at Tin Pan Alley, I went to Anomali Coffe in Kemang. Have a great time there, and accidentaly met old friends there. so, It was a fun and lovely night. I feel so much contented that I could express my hidden pleasures from the past two weeks. lol
Hope you guys had a blast too. Kisses xxxx


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