New hairdo for my daily activities?

 Today,more precisely this morning I am sitting in front of my computer with the plain mood to do my works at my office room.  I need something to boost my mood to work, so here I am browsing and it always ended up by doing online-shopping and reading fashion blogs. I also hate that I am now in the state of bad hair day. This thing covered me since two weeks ago because I had no time taking care my hair as I usually always do. so, I browsed and googled some hairdos that may apply to my hair, absolutely it must be chic,simple and not complicated. I hate to do complicated things esp in the morning when you need to dress up well and fast. I got a long straight hair and always letting my hair without put hair clip or accessories on it. and well.. I am sort of getting bored with that style now :) too plain and thou it always be the best style most of times :)
So... I ended up in one of my favo blogs, TurnedOut, and found this hair-do will be ohsum on me. 
yes, it's classic and simple. It's braided hair do. I was excited to try this style for tomorrow's work. and hope it goes well as I now imagine lol, I felt in love with this style and when I showed this to one of my office mates, she agreed this style will look good on me. however, the other opinions of my office mates consider me not to do that style. well...I don't care what people will say about it, as long as I am confident with it, it doesn't take any matter rite? sometime people are not dare enough to try on new things, but once they look it good, they also want to try it. lol, Ok, I am not saying I am going to be trendsetter in my office, it's too naive. lol I just  wanna do new things and improvement of this bad hair day. hope it goes well on me. 
Bye, I am now off to meeting.

Kisses xxx


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