Hell-o Holiday!

Hi..it's been ages for me not to parse any words here. I was so busy these past two weeks with my office chores and had no time having fun with others, even with myself, *poor me*. I shud be called anti-social geek or whatsoever, as my life is not far away from office lately. More over, I was appointed to do some chores that I have to admit that not everyone will get this challenging opportunity. So, I convinced myself that maybe this time for me to be more serious in career and afterward the hard work will pay off! 
However, I am a bit relieved bout today because it's holiday and I can gather the spirit to meet other members of my fams. Today is also coincidentally held the wed proposal party of my hubby's cousin, Ishak. So, am bout excited to release my designation as anti-social geek? hahaha. Me and Hush went to the multipurpose building nearby Menteng,the place where the wed proposal party was held this morning. I forgot the building's name anyway. In there, I met lot of people from my hubby's side, old parents and peer cousins. While meeting the peers, we shared stories and decided to continue the togetherness after the party by having lunch at Luna Negra, the fine dining place in Plaza Bapindo. I love this place both its coziness and ambiance. I have a very recommended menu if you once get there, please try the Pork Ribs! It's hilariously delicious.Thumbs up! 
A funny moment we spent in this place was my hubby's cousin, Ishak and his future wife, Hera also wanted us to take their pre-wedding pictures here. So, here we were very noisy and I guess it's quite disturbing other people. lucky, the manager allowed us to take pre-wedding pictures without any visible annoyance in her face. hahhahaa
I took many pictures with my camera and edited  some of them. so here are a few of my amateur snaps.
Oh I really love today! 
Anw, next week is my mom's bday. Do you guys  have any ideas what to be given? It's very hard to choose it as my mom has already had many things. shoes or bags? of course she has alot, more than you can imagine :p 
so what to give? still be a shadow inside my head. Hope I cud get any ideas no later than next Monday.

I am now preparing myself to be busy at office again tomorrow by having some books to read. so I'm off now. Hope you enjoy my post after the long apparent death :)

Kisses. xxx


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