Spotted moment on Brightspot Market

I was on Brightspot market last Saturday, the market that is held once in three months. I always came into this market when they held it, esp it was mostly held in Pacific Place. As my previous office was located in Indonesia Stock exchange Building, so, It is very easy for me to stop by there in the past. The situation of the market is quite like Myer underground in Melbourne. I don't know if the founder of this market took a bit taste of it, but overall I like strolling around this market. Because I went there on Saturday, I am a bit disappointed about the situation,  the market was jam-packed with many peeps and as a result I didn't really enjoy the atmosphere and the goods that they sell.  However, I am very proud seeing Indonesia talented designers in this market and strongly support the local fashion industry development toward a better improvement. If I cud interpret this situation in positive way, I so much like this condition to be developed more often. It's not only to increase the talented youth but also brings lovely ambiance as well as new milieu for Indonesian peeps. wow, I  think I sound like dramatic observer here. lol

Well, distorting the topic a bit, On the last snap of me and my husband showed that I started to pop old style to my casual outfit with the rolled up jeans. The street peeper influenced me a bit and reminisced me about the old style that becomes hip again in Today's style. :)
Okay,for the last discussion of this post, I'd like to inform that the last day of this market was closed on this Sunday, and will be re-opened three months from now.. so, If you're in Jakarta, don't hesitate to take a visit to it. Hopefully u like it. xxxx kisses :)


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