Let's Go a bit Bright

Let's a bit Bright

It's Summer! finally. Why I said Finally? it's not because of the weather of my neighborhood that turns to be sunny, hahaha, because it always be! Summer is all the time in Jakarta."Finally" is just because the colorful wardrobe that most of shops are now selling. I am not really into bright colors as I love tan, beige, cream, brown, off white and black the most. yes, they are pretty colors that I guess will live forever in whatever the hip fashion trends are. 

So, to welcome the hip summer trends, I guess I am going to be a bit bright this weekend. I am planning to attend Brightspot  Market that is held every 3 months. I will describe bout this market a lot in my future post and promise to snap many shots for the pleasure of your eyes. Lol

Kisses xxx


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