Not A Random Flasback

I just finished watching 'The Tourist' movie for the three times that brought me to post the moment when I was in Venice. I think everyone will agree that this city is very unique and has breathtaking views. The above shots showed that I did enjoy my trip there and of course I took alot of snaps of the city. Walking thru the famous Rialto Bridge, listening to the romantic musicians that are scattered in every corner of the city, they just blew me away as this is one of my desired cities to be visited. I also tried the local eateries with my husband as my bible (the book bout Italy from Lonely Planet publisher) describes. I also had a kiss with my husband under Rialto Bridge as the Gondolier said, it is a must for every couple to do it as a sign of eternal love (believe it or not) when they are in Venice. I wish I cud visit this city again one day. 
Anw, a bit jump to the topic, I just changed  my blog style  with something that more I liked. I am not being unstable of changing this blog way too often. I just tried to find right things on this blog that suits me alot. I guess this blog style will last on me more than the previous ones I have ever applied.
I really wanted to share some other snaps of my visit to Italy last year as I also haven't posted it yet. hopefully you will enjoy the old stories :) 
I also will be off till Sunday for a short escape from my daily routines (hope it's gonna be sweet). so, I will see you on Sunday cos my macbook is not with me while I am away. will keep you updated soon once I get my ass back. Kisses xxx


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