Quick Visit To Lion City

Last weekend I went to Lion City, Singapore with my husband and family. we have been there for 4 days and it was not purposely holidays. I got some things to do in Mount Elisabeth Hospital with my husband after making appointment by phone a week before I got there. I also got small operation after the Doctor identified small thing that need to be removed from my tummy immediately. That was not my first operation so it's not a big thing for me (feel sort of getting used to it) hahaha.It was fast, the operation just held for approx 20 min, and of course I was under general anesthesia. I still needed to wait in Hospital a few hours after the operation till my body and mind got back to normal after the influence of the anesthesia. well, It's not a big Thing! so don't worry! I love my hubby that always takes care of me, and patiently waited up for me while the operation held. I am a bit teary writing this because of his patience and kindness! He's loving! anw, he also bought me a new shoes from my favo shoe store, Ferragamo, because he thought that I need something for the fast recovery rather than the medicines that Doctor has given! and trulyyy it WORKED! hahahaha
We also had a visit to Marina Bay Sands, and tried to enter the Casino! We won 100 bucks and very happy because of it! hahaha  I also found the new macaroon place that very recommended to visit if any of you are in Singapore. the place called Darcis. the macaroon is nice and I felt it sort of treating my longing for Laduree. well, it's worth enough though. 
The rest in Singapore, I spent a lot in Orchard, Shopping and trying new food places. I didn't capture everything so intense as I was too busy with my own me time. Hubby also did the same thing, He went to Peninsula area, just to vent his penchant! yeah, that area is about guitar world and I am not that into that. hahaha 
Well, that's for today, as I am now off for a meeting in State Bank of India. This is my second visit after yesterday. so I am a bit excited for meeting new people.

c you around. Kisses xxxx


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