Hi it's been ages I didnt have a visit to write on my blog because of my life is getting busier each day, I dont think I can have regular visit like I used to. However, I won't remove my blog, because sometimes I still love to write thou time  doesn't give me much to write. Still... I love to read some of favorite fashion blogs and law blogs that can release my stress as well as broaden my knowledge about surroundings.
Anw, after having rush and horrible busy months, I had holidays during Eid Mubarak. it's a week long hols, so me and family went to Southern China, Hong Kong and Macau. It's my third times going to these places. We have arranged this trip a month ago. First, We really wanted to stroll Japan again or Seoul but the tickets were not avalaible. I think everybody has arranged the trip much earlier. So, after the difficulty of searching tickets, I ended up with the trip to Hong Kong and directly called my reliable agent to book our tickets. Simply, the Holiday was so much fun! I love my family and the time we have passed together till now. They are everything for me. We also had dinner on Daddy's bday in HK and Dad was abit teary accepting our present. Overall, I thank God for the wonderful a week holiday, It really did a good job to vanish all my stressful feelings at work. Anw, I am looking for cheap tickets to States. Me and my family are planning to go there next year during early summer, as parents cant stand on Winter again. They're getting old. hahaha. I hope this plan will turn out well. Hubby is also much excited as he really wanna visit Norman Rare Guitar store, the famous guitar store in the world. Whatever it is, holiday is always fun, esp when you're going with people you love the most.
Before having a little good bye again to this blog, I simply wanna uploaded my pics during our last vacation to HK and Macau. Hope you enjoy it guys. Kisses.


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