Life Changes.

Couple years ago I have never thought that I would marry and pursuing career in the same time, having baby and other things that most of adult people always do. Now, after I passed  some of memorable moments of my life, I think I have grown more than before. In my 25th age, I  have husband that I've known almost 7 years (5 years dating, 1 year 2 months married), Career as  Banker  (my ideal aspiration) and families and best friends who always support me as well as be there for me in every situations. These all things of life that I should always be grateful.
I didn't get my life lessons on text book so I become NOW, but I got it from surroundings (Dad and mom are the biggest as well as wonderful influences despite their many flaws as a human) and tried to hear every situation, cope it and get used to it.
Simply, Life phase experiences have changed me a lot from little girl who knew nothing till the woman who will be ready for everything. Yes of course, God is always with me and teaching me how to cherish everything that life has offered to me.
My Now life is amazing and I am always grateful for everything that has come to my 25 years of life.
Today, I just got back from one of home furnishing centers with my husband. On our way to there, we talked about how life changes our behaviors to be the one who is more patient, more mature and more autonomous. I simply love to talk about life with my husband because it makes us stronger as a couple. Moreover, it makes us feel much better in appreciating everything on us.
I wanna share some of the snaps of my life phases  to you, started when I was graduated from law school till now, I become a married woman. Hope you don't mind :)

1. When I was graduated from Law School

2. When I was engaged to the man I love

3. When I got married

4. When Our first Christmas as married couple

How time flies and Christmas is coming again soon. Nothing that can compare my happiness to celebrate it with the whole big families, either from the side of my family or in-laws. oh I just can't wait...

Future :
Me and my husband is now decorating our new house that my husband bought from his saving. Hopefully we can tap into our house soon. It's small but homey for new couple like us. How things are going on with us, we celebrate as the new chapter of life. After a year of married life, We are now also in a program of having baby as we are very ready to have too. All of our plans and life steps ahead, we love to hand them in God's hand. He is my Savior all the time and I believe He will answer our prayer soon. Biggest thing will come to my life soon. As a woman, yes, I am ready!
Kisses. xxx


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