How Kelly are you?

When one day I heard the quote "You never go wrong with Hermes, my mind straightly went to the luxurious thing that most of bag fetish(s) are fond of.  For me, I am always looking for bag that represents my style which is simple, elegant and everlasting. If it comes to the brand of Hermes, my mind and body and soul (hahaha sort of exaggerating) will straightly go to the one of their 'it' bags called Kelly! I love Kelly the most! rather than their other 'it' ones like Birkin, Lindy, Constantine, Herbag, Garden Party, etc. I wish one day I could collect them in many colors as my now financial matter can't afford it :). However, Thanks to my mom that she gave me one of her collections to me. I love her and adore how she dresses up. I am her biggie fan. :):) 
One day I wanna have Kelly in camel color. oh I wish one day :):) I am so into Kelly! how bout you?
Anw, The snapped pictures above I took from the Birkin Watcher. Take a look if you are one of this brand fetish.  Kisses xxx


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