Favo song for the next 2 weeks:)

If there is a movie with a Fairy tale ending which is always a "Happily ever after", Those movies will be one of my favo movies. I also love to find out what songs that movies bring to make the scenes more alive and show more emotions. Practically, most of my Happily ever after movies got nice songs to be enjoyed. I always download on my itunes, and believe it or not, I got my play list album in my iTunes called "Happily Ever After" hahaha. Yes, I am so addicted with romantic comedies movies and always love to find what songs go in it. Well okay, I just wacthed "Friends with benefit" and the songs I attached above is the 'it' song of the emotion of love on that movie. Thanks for "Friends with benefit" for bringing me to the favo song for the next 2 weeks.  hahaha It's old song btw, but heyyy, I love it. just that. 
Kisses xxx.


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