Moving Out

It's been ages for me not to catch up with words on this blog. My routine and wedding event stuffs have looted my freedom to express more about life here, yes, on my blog, hahaha. I guess people all over the world love to pick date near end of year, don't have the idea why it always goes like that, the fact is I got many of wed invitations in this time. Well however, in the other side, I wish my friends and fams who are getting married or already got married in this end of year a very happy life ahead :)

Getting back to the other busy yet fun things in my recent life. yes Moving Out! I have to bold this cos I have been surrounded by stuffs that need to be packed out. ok let's start with the packing stories I have been dealing with lately.
First, My Office is now moved to other location which is still on Gatot Subroto Area. We (HanaBankers) will start work in our new office, Wisma Mulia, 52nd Floor, started on next Monday, 5th of December. It's been quite stressful to pack many things and in the same time need to keep up with chores that as if they are chasing up like crazy dogs. Sometimes at home, I still feel like something has hit my back so hard, so in the morning I can act like limp dead body. yeah, seriously it sounds exaggerating but too bad it's true. However, I am now grateful that everything is on the track so, I can enjoy my new routine in the new office place. My new office got my fave all the time coffeshop, Starbucks and Coffee Bean. So excited that I finally can enjoy a green tea frap more often while I am starting to get stress with my chores. Near by my new office also has a restaurant and lounge, Blowfish, that I have never been there before. I would like to try sometimes in the future as I have heard the ambience and food of that place is quite tempting to try.  The office also got the pastry shop like The Harvest  and other quite tempting Indonesian and Italian restaurants. So many choices,  aren't there? as such, there is something that I need to tight up when I am in my new office! yes, my food allowance. I have to admit that I am sucha glutton when it comes to good foods. Can't stand on buying it till my tummy gets about to explode. My hubby has warned me to list and spare the budget on my memopad in order to assist tracking up my food budget. Henceforth, I join my friends who get same trouble like me to take catering food regularly that is made by my other friend, who is the expert cook. it's much much cheaper and saves my tummy as well. In other condition, I will spare some money for having fun for a month and I am not going to use the money over the budget that I have been surpassed. *wish me luck*
Anw, I am now happy that my office desk will get bigger and wider. I wanna put photos of my fam, bestfriends and others that can boost up my mood while I am seeing them. upss, not forget to bring my fave all the time pencil box that I bought in London, and mousepad that figured of England, also few stuffs that remind me of down under country. I will keep you updated with the photos of my new office later :)

Second, I have also been busy with home decoration stuffs. yes, I am going to move out to the small house that my hubby bought for us far before we got married last year. It's not a real move out cos Hubby and I will be there only for weekend and holidays. We agree to each other to do that because the location of that house is far away from our office which is located in the central city.  So, on weekdays, we will remain stay at my parent's house in the city and on weekend we will stay at  our house that located on east Jakarta. Besides, we are now in saving mood because in the same time, we also want to build house near the city that probably started in January and finished in the end of next year. So, we need to buy couple things for our future house as Hubby wanna have studio room and I wanna have a big and decent walk-in closet in my bedroom. As Hubby said, it is good for us to learn how to take care small house and then it becomes easier to take care the bigger one cos we already know the essential parts of running our own house. You may think  it is simply to run a small house, but when you once get urself to that situation, they are so many things that need to be considered especially when it comes to the budget. I have learned alot in this situation that these past 3 months I did go to the old and filthy market until the next level of mall and home decoration store, just to ensure that Hubby and I have spent right budget on every home stuffs we bought. Yes, It's beyond exhausted I know, but Hubby and I try to make everything will be just okay when we are together. I love him so much! everything with him is so beautiful thou we did argue sometimes :)
I just hope this "move-out" stuffs will end soon! oh now in my mind is only longing for a wonderful pampering package of hair spa treatment and body massage. How great isn't it? Will have it this sunday! yay!
Well, I can't believe that I write too much than I ever did before on this blog. This is amazing! hahahaha. I sooooo much miss this blog. hope you enjoy my long prattle.
love, ana.
Kiss xxxx


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