A prattle before Christmas

I'm back finally after having sucha silly trouble with my google mail, so within 30 days all my social networkings will be deleted if there is no verification from the personal user who is ME!!  Finally I made it after the complicated ways to make it back normal again. ohhh I am so relieved now! my blog, youtube account are all safe now :). it sounds that my above prattle is so redundant but sadly it's true. Little proud to myself that I could figure out how to solve it within 10 days. lol.

So, what happen recently? Sadly I still cannot capture my new desk and office because of the continuous chores at office that are now going so much insane toward the end of the year! Stressful? yes it is, but I won't let the chores cover the joy of Christmas too much than both of my happy mind and hearts. My head to toe is now only Christmas. I just cannot wait to have fam gathering on Christmas which will be going on 4 days away! This week should be fun for all Christians around the world including ME! Oh I love Christmas!

I went to Singapore last week with my husband just to have a fun break through the rush times that my husband had through the past 3 months. It was only 2 days fun and we captured not many cos we just enjoyed the times together. Here are the snippets of Singapore getaway last week, just to show you how majesty the Christmas is in Singapore :) Hope you enjoy and don't mind that a bit narcissism will be attached below :) 

How I love Christmas decoration all around the places and the path I walk recently! Yes, Christmas is just around the corner! Have you set up what dress you are gonna wear to family gathering and Church? Have you bought Christmas presents for all family members? It's all happiness! Yes I did all of them already and the most important in Christmas is I want to be someone that much much better than yesterday, not only to me and my fam but also to all the people who are surround me. 

So, before saying a little bye bye to you, I wanna share you my favo Christmas song at the moment.
I have to admit that I don't like Bieber but this below video featuring Mariah Carey caught my eyes for the very first time I saw it. The Majesty of Christmas is sooo lovely in this video! oh I hope one day I could celebrate Christmas in States with Husband and Fam! Happy Merryyy Christmas Everyyoneee! Have a blast! Kisses xxxx


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