Craving For Beach !

This picture was snapped in Gold Coast, when Hubby (used to be Boyfriend that time) visited me during Spring time in Australia. Why I put this, because Hubby and I craved for holiday since December but We never made it happen because of many events  that need to be attended during December and January. Well, our first plan was to go to Bali on 26th of January, but yes, it  still needed to be changed because around that time Andry's cousin will get married, and we just forgot to remark our calendar, our bad yes! Then we arranged again to go to Bali in mid of February, right after the valentine's day. We want to have 4 days getaway to Bali as we also wanna explore many new great places that already on our lists to go. I just can't wait to go to Beaches and spend all day long without thinking what things should I prepare at office or in other situation, getting tired of facing choked traffic in Jakarta especially when it comes to after office hour. I wanna vanish all the bad feelings, and create  the love and happy one in Bali. Hubby and I just can't wait for the holiday. We just hope there is no a sudden Batak Event on that time that will ask us to change the date of holiday. no wayyyyyy please! *fingers crossed* We also hope for the weather to be friendly on those times as the recent weather estimation in Bali is gloomy followed by raining.  Oh, We just hope the plan will turn out  well. The Tickets have been booked and also the hotel. oh my mind now is about holiday. Drag me to mid of February pretty please guys?!
Kisses xxx


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