Happy Birthday Aron !

When the time hit 12 o'clock, the calendar remarked of 18th January  and also notification popped out on my phone that showed my beloved brother's birthday, Me and Family straightly went to aron's room to greet him a Happiest Birthday on his new age. He's happy yet cranky because we kissed him hahaha (He doesn't like when we are going to kiss him, well, typically a boy).  I love my brother because I found myself at most of times on his habits and we also have mostly same opinion about things and those conditions make us stronger as siblings. I love him because he is always there for me whenever  and wherever I need an assistance especially when my Hubby is not around. He's truly the brother that I can rely on, He and my brother Ferdinand, they are always acting as reliable brothers to me. Aron knows me so well. He's the best brother ever and also my best friend.
Happiest Birthday to my beloved brother, Aron! I wish you abundant blessings on your new age brother!
Kisses xxx


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