Birthday Treat

It was my best friend's birthday treat on last Friday and we had so much fun after the tiring day  that we had through at work. We did agree that the all tiredness was vanished away right after We met. I believe that the quality time with my best friends is one of ways to carve out my time for fun. Yes, I love squandering time with my beloved people. Anyway, Me, Hubby and our best friends had dinner  at Goodsdept Plaza Indonesia. It was a small reunion but such a sweet moment. I really crave for the time like this again sometimes in the future. I know we don't meet everyday because of our busy times, but the connection among us works pretty well. It shows on our almost nine years friendship and it will go stronger as We hope. Thanks God for all this condition We have till now. 
Another thing that gratifies me a lot is that tomorrow is still a holiday. It's Chinese New Year Holiday and I still have more times to pampering myself by doing fun stuffs. Woo hoo. I hope you guys have a wonderful long holidays too. see you in the later prattle of mine :)
Kisses xxx


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