Fam Gathering on My Birthday Dinner

I love squandering times with my beloved family! Yes, we are gathered on our (me and Aron,my brother) birthday dinner right on my birthday date. It was sort of reminiscing to me and Aron that in our childhood, we most of times celebrated our birthday together, had our names on the same birthday cake and blew out the candles simultaneously. It has been ages for us not to celebrate it together althou our birthday date is just a week away. 
Anyway, We had our birthday dinner at Kafe Betawi and all the members of our nuclear family were coming. oo yes, We are a BIG nuclear family and also we're noisy enough when we're gathered together, I believe u cannot imagine! hahahhaa
Everything was just too perfect on that time. Me and Aron got many presents that ... yes, our family just knew what we really wanted. So, all presents have gratified us a lot. Thank youuuu my beloved fam! The most suprising thing was my Hubby gave me iPhone 4s as the birthday present. and I was likeeee.....ohhhhhh...couldn't say any word and just straightly landed a kiss to his cheeks. I love you Hubby, you have never changed since the first time I knew you as the man of full surprises. Thanks God I have you in my life.
Now, all I do most of times is fiddling around with my new gadget.  I can say Apple Products never fail on me and probably for most of people. It was not only sophisticated but sadly to say, If you ever try to have one of their products, it will make you addictive to buy the others of them. oh I am just so happy over the moon right now. The thing that also makes me glad is that weekend is just one day away! I just can't wait to do little shopping with my chum and sleep over at me and Hubby's small homey house. Hope the weekend will turn out well and the rest of weekdays will be just fine.
Kisses xxx


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