Happy Belated Australia Day !

Happy Belated Australia Day! It's better late than never right? It's Australia day on the day right after my birthday which is on 26th January. I love Australia as the place I used to live for 2 years. I really miss every single part of Australia. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are my favorite cities to be visited during the amazing 2 years. Living down under is giving me unforgettable as well as fascinating experiences. oh God, I am teary while I am writing this because I am truly missing my life back down under. I hope One day I can visit it for quite long times, just to reminisce what inside the beautiful memories are. I love you Australia, I always do!
Anyway, Those snapped pictures above were captured during spring holiday when my Hubby (used to be boyfriend that time) altogether with his brother and sisters visited me and we had 2 weeks marvelous holiday ever!
If you see the pictures above, you might think there's a slight different of how I editted the picture right? or you don't have that question in your mind? well, never mind. Okay, I used my new gadget to edit the two pictures with the vintage touch. It is easy, fun and faster than editting on Photoshop! oh I love Apple. I guess for more posts in the future I will apply the vintage photo touch more often hahaha, I also love how the Siri works.Okay enough for ranting over new gadget hahaha, this post will not sufficiently accommodate my awe of this new gadget, so I better end this post soon and hope you guys have an amazing weekend!
kisses xxx


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