a glimpse of my Office desk

Today is the last working day of January. Usually I get stressed around this week because of the continuous chores in the end of the month and also every bank needs to provide the one month recap as the report to Central Bank of my country that is called Bank of Indonesia. The entire days of this month I could say Calm Days because my chores were not that many as I have faced daily in the couple months of 2011 before New Year of 2012. 
So, here I was... sitting on my chair, snapping a shot of my favorite side of my office desk. the other sides are full of documents (I bet you don't want to see it :p) and also the pictures of my beloved people. I will show them later probably in the next post :)
Time flies so fast that We are now going to tap into February Path. I hope everything will be just fine in this month and also hope for some good news probably? well.. we never know... just say hi to February.. Cheers!
Kisses xxx


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