Another Office mate is leaving . . .

Yesterday, after office hour, I snapped many shots (but only some have been uploaded above) with my office mates that are usually together with me at lunch and other office's events. Yeah, We do share lots of laugh that you cannot imagine how noisy it is if you are with us. Crazy, funny and happy! Even I am in the state of swing mood, I can easily laugh and smile if I am with them. Eating is also our favorite time to share. hahaha No wonder I have gained six kilos since I worked in Hana Bank (Now, I am in the process of decreasing my excessive fat :p). This is so significantly different to my situation when I was working in law firm. However, I don't want to judge sentimentally to other jobs as we all know that all of jobs in this world are good as long as they are not harming other people and neighborhood. Probably being a lawyer is not my passion and God has led me to other situation that I really fancy the most, yes that is being a banker.
So, what's next? Okay, It is always sad if I am in the state of goodbyes. I hate goodbye especially it comes to the sweet things. One of my office mates will leave our office again this week  (after Amanda in the previous week) because she got a great deal position in other Bank. My going-to-leave-soon office mate's name is Poetry which is standing beside me at the first shot. People come and go in our life, but I believe someday and somewhere we are gonna be gathered in one condition that we will never know what it is.  Good Luck to my friend who is soon leaving Hana Bank, Poetry. We will see you again, in some other times in the future. Good Luck  also for the rest of us :)

Anyway, this Friday I will be on leave! It's a big YAY! I am going to visit my home town, Medan after almost a year I didn't make a visit. So, I am so much excited to explore the most palatable foods in Medan (oops..Did I say I am on diet above? well, we'll see later :p). It will be 3 days getaway to Medan, So I will be more prepared to plans there. I hope all of them will turn out well.
Well... I will see you when I get back from Medan. Have a nice rest of weekday as well as upcoming weekend. Keep the spirit UP! 
Kisses xxx


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