Buy or Not.

Hiiiiiii.....its 3 in the morning and I cant sleep because this stuffy nose..... I Loathee youuuu causeee u ruin my sleep, stuffyyyy nose...rrggghhh....
and what to do? finally I stumbled into several online shopping websites :p
am craving for another pair of clogs. I saw it several times in my favorite shop, Gorman. I got one in black and really want the yellow one with strap behind or the beige one.... so comfyy....and It looks vintage! I just saw several fashion articles prob 3 days ago (not really sure), and guess what? Clog's season is back! hehe... several designers turn the style into the unique ones, which am not really interested in :p but this clog called funkis, really tempting!
I wish I cud have another one wif strap behind soon :)

cute huh? mmmm....... its simple and its so me.... :)

another thing is a dress from gorman! distracting my mind for (not sure) a week I guess hihihihi
called mirrorballs dress...
dont have the pic unfortunately, but I'd like to describe it briefly.
Its simple wif colorful polkadot print... which is so summer :), the color its not really bright, and suit my skin good :). I like it cos it comes wif asymetric style! wohoooo
Its also a decent one that I can wear either in Party or Stroll along city wif friends :)

oopppsss I forgot that I titled this section, Buy or not? hahahaa, cos my writing, sort of telling 'I wanna buy them'.... hihihihiiii


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