Waiting is painful....thats the thing I learned for last month. yea...for whole november, Ive been waiting the results of my units to come up on QUT virtual. It did really painful, because everyday my feeling was not good....cudnt sleep well, even think properly :P
all my mind focused on the results, as this semester is my last semester....
I was so uptight wif the last whole month, dad kept calling me, kept telling me 'dont forget to pray'.
I also decided to postpone my vacation to Tasmania-Hobart... I was supposed to go on 20th November....but I postponed it until January year, 2010....because I was not feeling good to go outside Brisbane till the results are out.
woohoooo * jump a bit* Time fliessss..... I cant imagine I write 2010...hahaha, wow feel like still in high school yesterday and now am pursuing my master here.... time does fly!

0ok... get back again.... No more jittery,fidgety,anxious,or what so ever the same feelings had existed for last whole month! no more......they're gone after I accessed to QUT virtual and what I found was "I PASSED ALL UNITS, guysssss" am so happyyyy over the moon ....hahaha
wow! after all the sleepless nights, I can have my own beauty sleep now :D
daddy's so happy as well, I can hear from his voice....mom as well.....
they're just too excited to welcome me back home next week..... I feel it so Huge for me.... cos My master degree is nothing if I cannot get good jobs then.... well..... but am really thanking to Jesus Christ for give me his blessings through all the semesters... I never got failed while I was in school and Uni.... its very amazing! His blessings truly exist in me....Amen....
Hopefully for the next year and year and year,,,,, I can do better and better...Just to make my parents and family proud! amen....
I also Thank to my boy friend, Andry, brothers(aron and cindi), cousin(kaka merry and others), bestfriends (tecong,kibo) and other close friends who always support me and pray up for me..... It means alot for me!
now am graduating *wink wink* and just waiting up for my graduation day on 17th December 2009. afterwards go travelling around Australia wif fams, tasmania and New Zealand...yeay! whole states! before going back home for good :)
I will do miss Brisbane and my flights to melbourne and sydney of course! :(
Just want to say thanks God...Thanks so much...speechless...... am also praying up for my brothers to be graduated from UQ next year, and can pursue his master degree then in US! either Boston or California...amen...or whatever it is...am proud of my brothers, Aron and Cindi... :)
C U guys on my graduation day on 17th December :)

oh yaaaa.... am goin back next week....back home just for a weekkk....hiihihihi... cos I miss my fams so much...I want to sleepover wif my bestfriends at my home in my cozy room....hhiihihihii

ok then.....happy nice hols folks! its December and waiting up the xmas to come..... so nice yay!!!!


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