Farewell dinner wif classmates.

Almost 2 years Ive pursued my master degree (intellectual property law and commercial law), now It has left many memories of being in library, class, canteen, Merlo coffee shop (esp with the head and tail thingy every tues and thurs, if am not mistaken), guilt bar, Coffee shop between C Block and Z block...and many more!
yea yea yea, of course Ive spent all those times wif my classmates, esp wif bestfriend, domey! believe it or not, apparently I MiSS it already! Time flies...yesss it does!
Cudnt believe that we already had our Farewell dinner 2 days ago...in Jakarta Restaurant, Brunswick st, Newfarm! my favo Indonesian Restaurant here.... but I cannot afford to go there too often, cos its way too expensive for student like me...hihhihi,, better saving for other things tho...hehehe
I went to Jakarta restaurant wif Domey, Khairon, Queenie and my bro, aron. Aron was being a good photographer, taking pics for four of us! hihihihi...
basically most of Indonesian cuisines are similar to Thai, Viet, Malay. so my friends enjoyed those foods gluttonously...hihihi me and my bro as well, as we're all starving that nite...
what we had for that dinner?
most of them are my favos....hihihi

Grilled chicken or we called in Indo, "ayam bakar"

Mix of vegies wif nut sauce called 'Gado-gado'

Cooked beef(meat) wif spiced soup, called rawon

Young corn,cake flour of soya, and shrimps fried together wif flour, called Bakwan

Kangkung Balacan

Beef Rendang (seasoned beef with coconut milk)

and the important thing!!! ta daaaa, STEAMED RICE! hahaha

hahaha yeaaa, we finished them all....without leaving anything...hihihi as I said above, we ate them all gluttonously...hihihiihi

afterwards, we went to the famous dessert place in Brisbane, Freestyle! I love the mango sorbet thingy and the one that they called dumplings, served with white choc sauce and milk choc dipping sauce! sooo mouth watering... perfect for dessert! hiihihihihi

then we went back home.... I'll c u guys on Graduatiiiooonn day! hihihi

ooops I forgot, me,domey, and Aaron stopped by a while in the city, and took some pics with xmas decorations. Its nearly Xmas! Am so Happy and excited to celebrate it wif fams around Oz... cannot adumbrate how fun it will be! I always love family quality time so muccchh! cannttt waiiittttt ........

here are few pics from city...

So funny, I found the Santa's mailbox...hihihi Dropped something there and believe it will come true...mmmm,,, If santa cud hear, I want the best thing wud happen wif my Family again next year and we still cud spend all the things together..amen.


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