blessed weekend blast

Hi, how was your weekend guys? I guess this is another story bout my weekend. I cudn't make any post that often on weekdays, as my daily activities have consumed my time alot. sometimes I feel tired but I have to be grateful that I cud get a job that I love. the exuberant moment last week was PAYDAY! Yeay, I guess last week was the expected time for most of people who work in private company as it cud also recharge the spirit at work.Thanks God I got some extra bonus in this month so I cud save more, not shop more. hahaha (try to find a good excuse :p)
okayy lets get back to gaiety of weekend. I spent out my weekend a lot at home and assisted my hush preparing himself for a thursday's interview. I know God always cares my lil fam and his blessings never stops. I really hope that my hush can pass his interview on thursday, and all We can do now are pray and trust, cos God will never go that far, He is just a prayer away. I really love these sentences, and always apply those to my life whatever the doubtfulness and problems come. After assisting hush, we finally had dinner at Baron with my fam exclude mama, cos she is out of town rite now. The food was beyond good and the place was also great! 
Dad loves the food place so much, as he cud feel the french touch in it! hahaha 
I was also so excited after had dinner simply becos the food that I ordered was beyond my expectation. so yummy and  I will definitely have more visits to this restaurant :)

The rest of weekend (on sunday), after church, I spent beautifully with my fam in laws. It was always great having quality talks with them as it can also strengthen our kinship.  
well, I could say that everything in my life was so blessed cos I had beautiful-hearted people around.Moreover, I have Jesus that always bless me and my fam with bundle of joy and happiness :D

Have  a  Great Weekdays people!! :)


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