the strand of today's story

dear diary . . . . 

I was having so much fun and very pleased bout several news of today.

Firstly, It was very relieved in the morning, knowing that my workload got back on normal track, as lately it was going insanely stressful. I made some improvements with my legal division mate, Dewi, bout how to organize the credit files's documents and they worked out well. so, in the future, hopefully everyone in legal division is getting easier to look for documents of our debtors.

Secondly, in the afternoon, My hush got interview from chevening scholarship. I was happy hearing his voice on the phone that he was doing fine(right after he finished his interview, he called me).  I really hope he can get one of scholarships that he has applied. I will pray for his success as always and support him whatever he wants to do for his career.

Thirdly, not until half an hour of my hush's call, my brother called me to tell that he was accepted as credit analyst in one of the biggest banks in Australia, ANZ,which having its domicile in Sudirman, Central Jakarta. It was his dream to be a banker and experiencing work life for 2 years then pursue his master degree. I cherish his decision to not have further study right after he graduated, bcos he wants to make sure he really gets on the track when he is pursuing his master degree with years of work experiences. That's quite different from me who have pursued my master degree right after I graduated, with 2 majors, Intellectual property law and Commercial law. well... anw, I am proud of my brother and always support his decision. Welcome to another tortured phase of life anw, brotha! hahaha

Around 8 pm, my hush and brotha picked me up at the office, and we're having sort of small treat for what happened today. we didn't know it's good or bad, but always being grateful  person in any circumstances is a good way to cherish this life. we went to Sabang 16,  having several small meals, quality talks and happy laughter. I love this place cos its coziness. I captured a glimpse of its look while we're having our craziness over the late meals :)
oh how happy if we are on the balance of life, aren't we? 

By the way, weekend  is just around the corner. lets list things to do over the weekend. dont leave it without stories. lets celebrate it! kisses xxx


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