experience a new hangout place

oh well...here it comes the weekend. I shud say 'Thanks God,YEAY,finally' after all the tiring works on weekdays.
So what's the story of saturday? Me, my hubby, my brothers and pani (my bro's girl) experienced new hangout place in Kemang. I knew this place from the web when I accidentally googled for new upcoming movies to watch. This place called Tree House. when I saw the image ads, all in my mind was a tempting-to-visit cafe.So, I decided to ask my beloved people to go out for din on that place.

However, We needed a long struggle to get there as the traffic were so unfriendly.  The street access to Kemang partially closed for fly over construction.  I was like thinking to go back home in the middle of choked traffic but my hush  finally calmed me down and entertained with his typical jokes. Thanks God I have him anw.

As we got there, I was quite happy cos the place looked cozy. I guess if there were not so many people there, it wud look cozier. hahaaha. 
I captured many pictures of us but they didn't turn out that well. I think the lighting of the cafe has not been set up properly and as a result I needed to set up my camera manually. however, yes, the results were not as good as usual.
I also experienced the food, but the taste was so-so compared to the restaurant that I have experienced mostly in the past. The only thing that tasted good at the cafe was the mocktail called red gum something (I forgot the exact name). It's really fresh and much recommended to try. I love mocktails and always order it wherever I visit the new or same old cafe.

well, I wud say this place is worth to try. moreover, if you visit there with your beloved ones. I saw some western people in this place, and they looked like really enjoy the cocktails and beers. unfortunately, I don't like liquor so I can not tell you how they taste :)

Hope next week I can experience new cafe again, as I am not really into mall or plaza lately.  anw, Happy Weekend!

kisses xxx


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