Did I t e l l You ?

Did I tell you that my style shots from previous post were much influenced by the style of above  shots. It is very fun to find some fancy styles in some fashion sites or blogs, well, it do happen to me. usually, I try to find the ideas of dressing up from useful sources like fashion mags,sites or blogs.  The advantage of finding style ideas is big to me, as I am a typical of compulsive buyer,  I can mix and  match the ideas with my own existing clothes and definitely without doing unimportant expenditure. However, Picking up style ideas doesn't mean random to me, I really need to find the style that suits me, so I feel very much confident when  I am dressing. The above style shots were taken from my recent favorite site, street peeper. I really love this site and found so many decent styles that I fancy to wear.

This cute mix style of brown,beige and cream was also taken from the same site I have discussed above. I will probably implement this style idea on my office-weekdays-look or weekend-look :)
so what's your style ideas for this upcoming week? xoxo


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