H a p p y S u n d a y !

My favo man as well as my favo drink :)
Today is perfect! I love spending my weekend doing something I love and also having foods and drinks that can boost my mood the rest of the day. On saturday, I spent my times at my parent in law's house. me and my hush didn't go out but just had quality time with other in laws that were coming over to my parent in law's. I won't talk too much here, if you're following my post, my weekend smell is never far away from fam gathering :) well, however, I love fam gathering HUGE!
It's still sunday here, I js got back home and doing this post. I went to church this morning at 9 am with hush and my sissy in law, melissa which located nearby Kuningan. afterwards, me and hush went to Oakwood, as I craved for Ice green tea frappucino Starbucks. we captured pics nearby Oakwood. I love being there becos this area really got the taste of elegant and pleasant. My favo foodplaces in Oakwood is 'Loewy', a very recommended dining place for pleasantness I guess.
after taking some pictures, we headed back home, cos I need to do some searches in regard to my overseas banking school scholarship that I really love to take and also assisted my hush to do his another-scholarship. I don't want to be too ambitious about getting scholarship, will hand everything in God as well as do more efforts :)
wow, seeming like  I write too much, hahahaha, I better stop now, otherwise, this post will be longer than a novel.hahaha

Anw, haapy sunday guys!
Kisses xxxx


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